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About Board Certified Massage Therapist Chalise Vandermyde

CV Equine Therapy and Bodywork owner, Chalise Vandermyde has a passion for horses. Competing in 4H and team penning at a young age ignited a fire to try and excel in barrel racing. For nearly 15 years, Chalise has toured the barrel racing circuit, learning from the best of Central Texas. It was there, where her bodywork journey began.

CV Equine Therapy was established in 2018. Since itโ€™s inception, Chalise has continued to make it a priority to gain the best education and practice from top licensed and experienced professionals in all fields of medicine. Certified and licensed to work on people and horses, Chalise is board certified with areas of expertise in orthopedic rehabilitation, injury prevention and recovery, lameness/soundness issues, chiropractic massage and pre/post event bodywork (equestrians and horses).

Combining modern and alternative medicine with bodywork, Chalise works with a team of veterinarians in Bluffdale, Utah at an equine hospital. With clientele in Utah, Arizona and Texas, Chalise is expanding her expertise to help all horses in their healing and recovery journey.