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Why Massage Therapy?

Why would your horse need a massage?

    If your horse is having these issues, he is trying to tell you he needs one sooner rather than later.

  1. Bucking

  2. Refusing to pick up the correct lead

  3. Head tossing

  4. Difficulty with lateral movements

  5. Girthing problems / Cold Backed

  6. Attitude changes

  7. ”Off” for no apparent reason …to name a few.


    All horses can benefit from a massage, from older horses that are not being used, to top performance horses at any level. Many of you have heard about the benefits of chiropractic for your equine partner. However, if the muscles surrounding the skeletal system are knotted and pulling on those vertebrae, that expensive adjustment may be null. The effected muscles will slowly pull those skeletal structures back to their original position out of alignment if not taken care of. Massage relaxes those muscle fibers, likely to let the structures return to their proper alignment without needing to be adjusted. If the skeleton is still out of alignment after a few sessions of massage, it is suggested to have an adjustment only after those tissues have been allowed to relax to allow movement through the joints and vertebrae.