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Aztec Turquoise Triangle Breakaway Flag (College/Open/Pro)

Aztec Turquoise Triangle Breakaway Flag (College/Open/Pro)

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All of our Breakaway Roping Flags are handmade in Ogden, Utah! Our Breakaway Flags area a perfect way to get the flaggers attention when your time should stop and still have the options to match your outfit or horse and look photogenic for all of the pics and memories!

Buy 3 or more and get them for just $9.00 each


High School / Junior High Breakaway Flags:

The High School Rule states...
"A solid color (no pattern/printing) flag that is visible to the flagman or judge must be attached at the knot end of the rope."
"Only a solid color cloth (no pattern)"
PG. 71 2020-2022 NHSRA Rulebook

Open / College / Pro Breakaway Flags:

College rule states...
"A flag that is visible to the flagman or judge must be attached at the knot at the end of the rope."
WPRA Rules state...
"Bright cloth"


At 16" x 16" These flags are just the right size to make sure the flagger and timer get a good clear shot of the exact moment your rope breaks away from your saddle horn to ensure the cleanest time possible. All the while the flag stays lightly laying on your leg or saddle while you have the best run you can make.


Tie flag directly onto your rope OR cut a small slit in the corner of the flag and pass the flag back through itself, and pull snug around your rope tail. Reference pictures for details.


Our Breakaway Flags are made of a water and dust resistant material that will last longer than any other breakaway flag.


The colors on the flags are the most well represented in the pictures where the flag is attached to the rope. Colors may still vary slightly from the pictures.


Hand wash only for best results.