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Black Pencil Polka Dot Wild Rag

Black Pencil Polka Dot Wild Rag

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These hand-crafted wild rags are stitched and sewn right here in Ogden, Utah USA. Each rag is carefully inspected and folded with care before it heads out to its final place to be used and cherished. Please allow 3-5 days for fulfillment, and 3-5 days for shipping depending on your shipping zone from Ogden, UT.

Perfect for anytime, Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter we have the perfect sized wild rag for your choice to pair with any western graphic t-shirt or to be used on a cold day of feeding cows. 

Fabric Type:

Polyester Satin:

This fabric is silky and shiny. Ideal for either being kept warm or usable for fashion. This is the closest feel to silk. Keeps in heat. Good for below freezing.

Sizing Guide Reference:

20" Goin' Out   Perfect for wearing with graphic t-shirts, matching any outfit with a sleek feel around your neck, going out to dinner or church or for kids.

36" Everyday   Ideal for women or men wanting a lower profile, functional for keeping out dust keeping body heat in etc.

45" Usin'   Being larger than the 36" rag this rag provides for more length to tie knots and also with more material to provide more options in how you wear the rag.

54" Knot Tyin'   Extravagant knot tying is generally the purpose people want this size or for baby picture blankets. All are made to order.