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Mint Cactus Steer Ultimate Sports Medicine Boots

Mint Cactus Steer Ultimate Sports Medicine Boots

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ProRate Equine Sport Boots are designed to protect your equine partner while providing you with new and unique styles. We have a lot of unique designs plus we also offer custom printed sports boots to your specifications.


  • 360 degree coverage to protect against strike impacts to the cannon bone, tendons, and soft tissues.
  • Long suspensory strap to cup the base of the fetlock, allowing natural range of motion while helping eliminate hyperextension.
  • Double suspensory straps on all rear boots with a protective covering to help your boots last longer
  • Lycra binding at the top and bottom to help reduce dirt build up inside the boot.
  • Longer velcro strap for desired compression to be applied.

Item Sizing Specifications:

     If your horse is on the higher end of the size, it is recommended you size up.


8.5"-9.0" circumference 

9.5" boot height


9.0" - 10.0" circumference 

10" boot height


10.0" - 11.0" circumference

11" boot height


Custom Boots:

           For all custom boot orders go to our page in the following link to learn about our process and then shoot us an email at to get started... (

Orders of small boots and or entirely custom designed boots (boot pattern that you have sent to us directly via phone and designed) are not eligible for a refund due to the difficulty of resell. 

For all policies please visit our policy page.