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Purple Plum Triangles Lycra Tail Bag

Purple Plum Triangles Lycra Tail Bag

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Tail Bags have a few different uses and have become more of a frequently used product in our day and age. We have a variety of different printed designs that we have created and we can also create custom printed designs. Whether you are using a tail bag to protect your horses tail to keep it clean, or to help it grow out, or even just to match your tack or blanket set up we've got options that will work for you. All of our tail bags are hand made in Utah.

Material Types:

Lycra material is a breathable fabric that is loose and easily hand washed. If your horse is in a pasture with barbed wire fencing or somewhere the bag could snag easily we would suggest buying one of our Nylon tail bags as they are less prone to snagging and tearing. The Lycra material has a clean and shiny type of finish and they look really good.

How to tie the tail bag into your horses tail:

We suggest wrapping each handle around opposite outside strands of the braid in your horses tail and then wrapping them around the whole tail before you tie your final knot. This will be better at keeping the bag in the tail and helping to protect the tail like you want.


Hand wash only for best results.


All of our tail bags measure roughly 23 inches long and 4 inches wide with tie handles about 10 inches long.

Printed Designs:

We have a variety of printed designs and are regularly adding to the designs we currently offer. We can also create custom printed designs for awards, sponsors or personal uses. The custom designs also work perfect for gifts.